Super Fantasy Mercado was a series of pop-up events that I hosted and co-curated with Mylan Nguyen and Taro Wagonner. It was originally conceived as a small vendor booth at Vikon Village, a flea market in Garland, Texas, and commented on gentrification and consumerism. It was also installed inside of Red Bird Mall in South Dallas. Super Fantasy Mercado served as a fully functional art goods boutique carrying works by several artists and designers.

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Super Fantasy Mercado (Vikon Village, Garland)

The first Super Fantasy Mercado installation was held at Vikon Village in Garland, TX from November 12th – 27th, 2016.

“Having the pop-up in this particular location was based on the idea of inserting our art into the everyday. We welcome the chance of having our art accessible to the weekend bargain seekers. The goal of this installation is to bring new visitors to a new environment.” – Brent Ozaeta

Vikon Village Flea Market is a weekend only flea market with 100+ indoor stalls selling new & used furniture, clothing, jewelry & more. Among the vendors at the bazaar you can find vintage clothing, used furniture, collectibles, antiques, and various ephemera treasures. Vikon Village Flea Market is located in Garland, Texas and is open year round.

Photo: Hady Mawajdeh

Super Fantasy Mercado II (Red Bird Mall, South Dallas)

The second installation of Super Fantasy Mercado was held at Red Bird Mall in South Dallas from April 1st - April 30th, 2017.

This pop-up was a collaboration with Michelada Think Tank. The site was one of four contested locations in a series of events and exhibitions called Decolonize Dallas. Decolonize Dallas focuses on cultural producers and communities on the margins to reshape dominant narratives of identity and history in Dallas.

"Artists 'Decolonize Dallas' With A Super Fantasy Mercado" by Hady Mawajdeh, Art&Seek KERA, April 7, 2017